A gift and a card, to capture the moment
From you it will come, as your bestowment

Some gifts are quite nice, and some gifts are quite bland, but we’ve made a gift that is truly quite grand.
Each one is so special, each one is unique, each one has its own card, and is so very sleek.
No two are alike, because each one comes from you, they’ll open this gift and shout out woohoo!
It’s just $44 for the print and the card, and that includes shipping, plus it’s really not hard.

A Design They'll Adore
It Goes With Any Decor

A clean and understated design, mounted to Plexiglass for its enshrine.

Timeless Design

9”x9” frameless design, lets it stand out, so it really can shine.
Those who receive one, will honestly be, on cloud nine.

Optical Grade PlexiGlass

Solid and heavy, the glass is all clear, and draws the attention of anyone near.

True Photographic Print

It’s classic and retro, with a sharp modern twist.
Doing it old school, that’s what we insist.

Protective Backer

Just to be safe, we sandwich your print.
It’s our obligation, so it doesn’t get bent.

A Matching Card
They Won't Soon Discard

We’ve written the cards with a smile and a snicker, then we print your photo on them, and it couldn’t be quicker.
Your autograph, the card it can hold, their joy and jubilation, is yours to extol.


Once upon a time, you were oh so brand new
and all were amazed, we know this stands true

Where you would go, and what would you do
not one of us knew, nor had even a clue

And now you’re more you, and more marvelous too
And you have become, the most wonderful you!

Happy Birthday!

Easy peasy
Lemon squeezy

Some call us goofy, crazy, and cheesy, but you won’t when you see how our app is so easy.

All your best photos

You've been collecting them for a while, it's time to turn them into a smile.

All your contacts

So your fingers don’t get stressed, your contacts are quickly accessed.

You even sign the card

The card’s message will linger, when you sign it with your finger.

You'll have a blast, It's super fast

Your gift and your card are done in no-time, it’s so wicked simple it should be a crime.

Always with you

It’s actually very dandy, to have the app so handy.

Pay as you may

Credit Card, PayPal and ApplePay, it’s yours to choose which way.

We're only in this for the smiles

We think photos and words can make a heart smile, and it’s so very worth it, if even just for a while. :-)

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

11 Total Customer Reviews

My Son & his Girlfriend sent me a

My Son & his Girlfriend sent me a SpiffySquare of a picture taken at Christmas. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together as we live across the country from one another & this was the perfect reminder of a beautiful day together. I love the picture and display it proudly. It was a wonderful surprise & made me cry.

   Jodene G.

Love my SpiffySquare! I printed one of my

Love my SpiffySquare! I printed one of my favorite prints of my children, and it looks great on my hutch in the living room. I plan on printing more for the grandparents.

   Lauren C.

It's the 5th or 6th one I ordered

It's the 5th or 6th one I ordered I love them!!!! Great job!

   Teri J.

I just received my Spiffy Square today, and

I just received my Spiffy Square today, and it's great!! It really is a quality item.

   Martha D.

This is such an easy way to share

This is such an easy way to share a memory or moment from an app on your phone. Not only do you get a high quality print with stand, but you get a matching card as well. Absolutely loved the precious print of our cat.

   LuAnne S.

Ok- this was easily the most fun I’ve

Ok- this was easily the most fun I’ve ever had ordering anything! The wording is super clever (so is this product!) and I wanted to buy more to keep seeing more funny messages coming up! I’m excited about this- I have a senior dog that I’m constantly taking photos of and this is PERFECT for all of them

   Lucy R.

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